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The Member Experience

By purchasing a Senate Plan from either your existing fitness club or directly from our app, you’ll enjoy unlimited access to the services of other participating fitness centers around the world. Senate offers several different monthly plans to make sure one fits your budget. Senate also offers a product named SimplePay wich is a pay-as-you-go option; SimplePass offers a discounted daily rate pass to any of the participating gyms in the Senate Network.

Get More From Your Gym Membership

Get More From Your Gym Membership


Senate is the world’s first collaborative network of independently owned and operated fitness organizations that have opened their doors to participating members under a single, universal membership plan.

What does that mean for you as a Senate Plan holder? Access to premier fitness studios, whenever you want, wherever you are.

Members of a Senate gym have the option of adding on a Senate Plan to their current membership. These members only pay the difference from the retail Senate Plan price and their current gym membership. With the Senate Plan add-on, that members will have full access to fitness facilities in cities around the world.

How It Works for Members

How It works for existing gym members


If you club is already part of the Senate Network the cost of your existing gym membership gets deducted from any of the six Senate plans. That means if you already pay $30 a month for your existing gym membership and want to enjoy the benefits and access of the Senate Essential Plan ($39), you would only pay an additional $9 a month for unlimited access to all of the participating who are rated as an Essential Club.

Another great benefit of being a member of our participating club is that any member can purchase a Senate Plan that is a lower rating from your current club for only $5/month.

That’s unlimited access to participating gyms anywhere in the world for as low as $5/month!

Senate Plans


How much is your current gym membership:


$39 / month

  • Unlimited access to all Essential gyms
  • Access to pay-per-use higher end clubs


$59 / month

  • Access to any Essential or Plus clubs
  • Access to pay-per-use higher end clubs


$79 / month

  • Access to any Essential, Plus or Advanced clubs
  • Access to pay-per-use higher end clubs


$99 / month

  • Access to any Essential, Plus, Advanced or Pro
  • Access to pay-per-use Premier clubs


$199 / month

  • Access to any Essential, Plus, Advanced, Pro or Premier
  • Access to pay-per-use higher end clubs


Senate’s SimplePass

If you do not have a current gym membership, but you would still like the opportunity to work out when you want, where you want, and how you want, then Senate’s SimplePass is for you.

  • No contracts
  • No signup fees
  • No contracts
  • No monthly dues
  • Minimum 10% discount​ on daily rate passes
  • Choose the gym that is right for you
  • Book classes directly from our mobile app

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