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No budget for a highly skilled Pilates instructor? No problem. No extra cash to spend on new equipment? Not necessary.

The Senate provides a safe, easy way for independent fitness centers to give their members access to more workouts, programs and fitness opportunities than any big box gym without taking on additional equipment, personnel or facility costs. As a participating gym in the Senate network, members get more access, and business owners maximize earnings.

Clubs can join Senate at absolutely no out of pocket expense, and the signup our process only takes a few minutes. Once the club has joined the Senate Network, they can begin receiving extra revenues from the sale of Senate Plans and by receiving payments when members from other gyms attend your club.

So How Does it work?

If your gym’s monthly membership fee is $39, and an existing or new member signs up for the Senate Pro Plan ($99), your current membership gets deducted from your Senate plan price (a benefit of being a member of your club).  Now your member can purchase the Senate Pro plan for $60 each month. Your happy member now gets immediate access to any gym in the world that supports any Essential, Plus, Advanced or Pro fitness clubs in the Senate Network.

With six different Senate membership plans to choose from, as well as our SimplePay option (daily pay-as-you-go), there’s an option for anyone who wants gym access.  With both Senate Plans commissions or our SimplePay, Your club can now benefit from the three-quarters of the population who have opted out of committing to monthly gym memberships or have chosen to go to a big-box gym that can offer them the freedom to workout wherever they are.

Once a gym, studio or fitness center is a part of the Senate network, it can roll out the plans to members immediately. Every Senate plan activated by new or existing members and clients turns into new revenue for your business.

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Our Patented Hardware Device (Optional)

Simple and Secure. The Senate is Changing How People Work Out

Our authentication device is an optional piece of equipment that offers a secure and easy to use, bio-metric fingerprint authentication for your members. The device easily validates member identity, giving them access to independent gyms anywhere in the world without needing to Show ID or Senate Plan ID. Once a club becomes part of the Senate Network, The device is installed at the entrance or check in area. As members enter the facility, they simply put a finger on the scanner to reveal their profile and access privileges based on their active plan.

Once enrolled as a Senate member, the device will code a fingerprint image file that is securely encrypted and contained exclusively in the Senate system. This ensures easy access to member benefits, simple management, and ensures that the people coming into gyms are who they claim to be, no matter where they are.

Our patent-pending technology also serves as a powerful member management system that can supplement or replace an existing system.


It is a win-win for everyone.

Our solution helps independently owned fitness clubs by:

  • Offering a whole new product to sell (Senate Plans).
  • Offering their members access to more amenities.
  • Offering their members access to more locations.
  • Offering their members diverse workout modalities.
  • New revenues from visiting members (products or services).
  • New revenues by accepting daily rate plans (optional).
  • Increased revenues via increased member retention and attraction of new members.
  • Senates’ device and software that can easily authenticate and guarantee memberships securely.
  • Showcase your club to millions of people using our 3D video technology.
  • Club management portal that allows you to connect with over 750 software companies to help automate marketing, account and events workflows.

Clubs continue to maintain ownership of all members. Senate will never touch your current membership money, we just add new revenue to it.

Our solution also improves the members experience:

  • One fitness membership that gives them access to any club in the Senate Network.
  • Access to a diverse and individualized fitness experience so they can do yoga on Monday, kickboxing on Wednesday, and rock climb on Friday.
  • Ability to pay for products and services directly from the Senate device or via our mobile apps (iOS and Android).
  • No need to take your wallet into the gym to make payments.
  • The option to visit any gym in the network without any monthly membership via a daily rate pass (SimplePass).
  • Intuitive mobile and desktop applications to explore and discover new clubs in the network using our 3D video technology
  • Member mobile applications that make it easy to update billing and personal information.

We are the fitness co-op

Turn your local gym into a global gym.

Senate was designed to empower, embolden and connect a global community of independent gym and studio owners looking to grow their business and earn member loyalty by providing unparalleled access to premier fitness facilities around the world. Senate gym users can join the program and have immediate access to facilities to any fitness facility located in the Senate Network.  Business owners reap the financial benefits of Senate SimplePass and Senate Plan users enter their clubs.
Want to know more about the Senate Network? Click on the link below to schedule a one-on-one demo with one of our friendly staff.

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The Technology

The Technology

Enterprise level security and data management

Senates’ biometric device is a gateway to safe, secure and powerful membership management for the Senate network. Built and designed with enterprise level security and data management, our device uses biometric fingerprint authentication to verify membership status and details.
Join the Senate Network, download our app OR install the optional device, promote the benefits and watch your business expand.

*Senate is built on proprietary patent pending technology

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