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Senate is a unique technology that provides fitness clubs the resources they need to offer their members the experience they demand.

The Senate network offers more health and fitness opportunities than any Big Box gym, with freedom to use your member benefits in destinations around the world.

The network is a global of independently owned and operated gyms, studios and fitness centers that have come together to give their members unparalleled access to the workout they want, when they want it, wherever they are.

Why Senate?

Fitness clubs, primarily privately owned/independent clubs, are trying to compete in a competitive mixed populous market that is becoming ever younger and more demanding for freedom and flexibility. The clubs are constrained with limited resources and are failing their members and losing revenues due to their inability to give them the access to various amenities, locations and the times they desire.

The introduction of Senate’s innovative technology, gyms can now offer a better model for their members. Senate is a win-win for both the fitness clubs and the consumer.

With our Technology fitness clubs can now offer their members an add-on to their current membership. These add-on’s are called Senate Plans, depending on which Senate Plan the members choose determines which clubs in the Senate Network they may attend. With six different Senate membership plans to choose from, as well as a daily pay-as-you-go option, there’s an option for anyone who wants to workout when they want, where they want and how they want.

Below we have a simple calculator that shows what a member would pay for a particular Senate Plan at their current club.

Senate Plans


How much is your current gym membership:


$39 / month

  • Unlimited access to all Essential gyms
  • Access to pay-per-use higher end clubs


$59 / month

  • Access to any Essential or Plus clubs
  • Access to pay-per-use higher end clubs


$79 / month

  • Access to any Essential, Plus or Advanced clubs
  • Access to pay-per-use higher end clubs


$99 / month

  • Access to any Essential, Plus, Advanced or Pro
  • Access to pay-per-use Premier clubs


$199 / month

  • Access to any Essential, Plus, Advanced, Pro or Premier
  • Access to pay-per-use higher end clubs


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